About us

Welcome to Studio Lamea

Studio Lamea emerged from a vision to blend style seamlessly with ethical practices. Driven by discontent with unsustainable industry norms, our designer adopted an alternative approach, integrating second-hand materials as a testament to both creativity and unwavering values.

Ethical Sourcing, Timeless Creations: Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our material selection from pre-owned sources. Each piece meticulously crafted not only captures attention but also stands as a testament to our dedication to a more sustainable future.

We warmly invite our customers to visit our home studio and experience trying on our clothes firsthand! We understand that online shopping can be challenging at times, so if you get the opportunity, feel free to drop by. Our designer's home studio is conveniently located in the heart of Helsinki. Send us a message on WhatsApp at 0401935600 to receive the address!

Guided by Values: Empathy, Responsibility, Inclusiveness: Empathy, responsibility, and inclusiveness are the pillars shaping every facet of Studio Lamea. Beyond fashion, we aim to take part in the community bound by these principles,

Why Choose Studio Lamea?

  • Ethical Fashion with Second-hand Sophistication
  • Timeless Pieces Crafted with a Purpose
  • Core Values of Empathy, Responsibility, and Inclusiveness

Embark on a refined journey where fashion converges with purpose. Explore our collection today and become part of a community devoted to ethical and inclusive fashion.