Studio Lamea is a fashion brand established in Helsinki in 2023, with a strong focus on ethical values and responsibility. We specialize in crafting distinctive products primarily from recycled and deadstock materials, repurposing discarded textiles and garments instead of relying on new resources.
To further our commitment to inclusivity, we've recently introduced a capsule collection. This collection makes use of surplus fabrics sourced from the fashion and interior design industries. Expanding from our previous model of entirely unique pieces, we continue our commitment to uniqueness while offering a broader size range up to size 44. The collection maintains its focus on small-scale production, with each design limited to only 7-11 pieces.
Located at Tehtaankatu 24, Helsinki, our studio welcomes visitors on weekdays. DM us on Instagram @studiolamea, or drop us an email at to let us know of your visit!